PlotWindow Class Reference

Plot window. More...

#include <PlotWindow.hh>

Inherits QWidget.

Public Member Functions

 PlotWindow (QWidget *_parent=nullptr)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~PlotWindow ()
 Destructor. More...
PlotCanvasAddCanvas ()
 Add a new canvas. More...
unsigned int CanvasCount () const
 Get the number of canvases in this plot window. More...
void Clear ()
 Clear and remove all canvases. More...
std::list< PlotCanvas * > Plots ()
 Get a list of all the plots. More...
void RemoveCanvas (PlotCanvas *_canvas)
 Remove a plot canvas. More...
void Restart ()
 Restart plotting. More...

Detailed Description

Plot window.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PlotWindow ( QWidget *  _parent = nullptr)


[in]_parentPointer to the parent widget.
virtual ~PlotWindow ( )


Member Function Documentation

PlotCanvas* AddCanvas ( )

Add a new canvas.

unsigned int CanvasCount ( ) const

Get the number of canvases in this plot window.

Number of canvases
void Clear ( )

Clear and remove all canvases.

std::list<PlotCanvas *> Plots ( )

Get a list of all the plots.

A list of all the plots.
void RemoveCanvas ( PlotCanvas _canvas)

Remove a plot canvas.

[in]_canvasCanvas to remove
void Restart ( )

Restart plotting.

A new plot curve will be created for each variable in the plot. Existing plot curves will no longer be updated.

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