gazebo::rendering Namespace Reference

Rendering namespace. More...


class  ApplyWrenchVisual
 Visualization for the apply wrench GUI. More...
class  ArrowVisual
 Basic arrow visualization. More...
class  AxisVisual
 Basic axis visualization. More...
class  Camera
 Basic camera sensor. More...
class  CameraLens
 Describes a lens of a camera as amapping function of type r = c1*f*fun(theta/c2+c3) More...
class  CameraVisual
 Basic camera visualization. More...
class  COMVisual
 Basic Center of Mass visualization. More...
class  ContactVisual
 Contact visualization. More...
class  Conversions
 Conversions Conversions.hh rendering/Conversions.hh. More...
class  DepthCamera
 Depth camera used to render depth data into an image buffer. More...
class  Distortion
 Camera distortion based on Brown's model. More...
class  DynamicLines
 Class for drawing lines that can change. More...
class  DynamicRenderable
 Abstract base class providing mechanisms for dynamically growing hardware buffers. More...
class  Events
 Base class for rendering events. More...
class  FPSViewController
 First Person Shooter style view controller. More...
class  GpuLaser
 GPU based laser distance sensor. More...
class  Grid
 Displays a grid of cells, drawn with lines. More...
class  Heightmap
 Rendering a terrain using heightmap information. More...
class  InertiaVisual
 Basic Inertia visualization. More...
class  JointVisual
 Visualization for joints. More...
class  LaserVisual
 Visualization for laser data. More...
class  Light
 A light source. More...
class  LinkFrameVisual
 Visualization for link frames. More...
class  LogicalCameraVisual
 Logical camera visualization. More...
class  MovableText
 Movable text. More...
class  OculusCamera
 A camera used for user visualization of a scene. More...
class  OrbitViewController
 Orbit view controller. More...
class  OriginVisual
 Basic world origin visualization. More...
class  OrthoViewController
 Orthographic view controller. More...
class  Projector
 Projects a material onto surface, light a light projector. More...
class  RayQuery
 A Ray Query class used for retrieving mesh data of a visual, adapted from Ogre3D wiki. More...
class  RenderEngine
 Adaptor to Ogre3d. More...
class  RFIDTagVisual
 Visualization for RFID tags sensor. More...
class  RFIDVisual
 Visualization for RFID sensor. More...
class  Road2d
class  RTShaderSystem
 Implements Ogre's Run-Time Shader system. More...
class  Scene
 Representation of an entire scene graph. More...
class  SelectionObj
 Interactive selection object for models and links. More...
class  SonarVisual
 Visualization for sonar data. More...
class  TransmitterVisual
 Visualization for the wireless propagation data. More...
class  UserCamera
 A camera used for user visualization of a scene. More...
class  VideoVisual
 A visual element that displays a video as a texture. More...
class  ViewController
 Base class for view controllers. More...
class  Visual
 A renderable object. More...
class  WideAngleCamera
 Camera with variable mapping function. More...
class  WindowManager
 Class to mangage render windows. More...
class  WireBox
 Draws a wireframe box. More...
class  WrenchVisual
 Visualization for sonar data. More...


typedef std::shared_ptr< ApplyWrenchVisualApplyWrenchVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< ArrowVisualArrowVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< AxisVisualAxisVisualPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< CameraCameraPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< CameraVisualCameraVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< COMVisualCOMVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< ContactVisualContactVisualPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< DepthCameraDepthCameraPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< DistortionDistortionPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< DynamicLinesDynamicLinesPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< GpuLaserGpuLaserPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< InertiaVisualInertiaVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< JointVisualJointVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< LaserVisualLaserVisualPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< LightLightPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< LinkFrameVisualLinkFrameVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< LogicalCameraVisualLogicalCameraVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< OriginVisualOriginVisualPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< RayQueryRayQueryPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< RFIDTagVisualRFIDTagVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< RFIDVisualRFIDVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< Road2dRoad2dPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< SceneScenePtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< SelectionObjSelectionObjPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< SonarVisualSonarVisualPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< UserCameraUserCameraPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< VisualVisualPtr
typedef std::weak_ptr< VisualVisualWeakPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< WideAngleCameraWideAngleCameraPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr< WindowManagerWindowManagerPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< WrenchVisualWrenchVisualPtr


enum  ReferenceFrame { RF_LOCAL, RF_PARENT, RF_WORLD }
 Frame of reference. More...
enum  RenderOpType {
 Type of render operation for a drawable. More...


rendering::ScenePtr create_scene (const std::string &_name, bool _enableVisualizations, bool _isServer=false)
 create rendering::Scene by name. More...
bool fini ()
 teardown rendering engine. More...
rendering::ScenePtr get_scene (const std::string &_name="")
 get pointer to rendering::Scene by name. More...
bool init ()
 init rendering engine. More...
bool load ()
 load rendering engine. More...
void remove_scene (const std::string &_name)
 remove a rendering::Scene by name More...

Detailed Description

Rendering namespace.

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::shared_ptr<ApplyWrenchVisual> ApplyWrenchVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr<ArrowVisual> ArrowVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr<AxisVisual> AxisVisualPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<Camera> CameraPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr<CameraVisual> CameraVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr<COMVisual> COMVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr<ContactVisual> ContactVisualPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<DepthCamera> DepthCameraPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<Distortion> DistortionPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<DynamicLines> DynamicLinesPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<GpuLaser> GpuLaserPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr<InertiaVisual> InertiaVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr<JointVisual> JointVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr<LaserVisual> LaserVisualPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<Light> LightPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr<LinkFrameVisual> LinkFrameVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr<LogicalCameraVisual> LogicalCameraVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr<OriginVisual> OriginVisualPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<RayQuery> RayQueryPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr<RFIDTagVisual> RFIDTagVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr<RFIDVisual> RFIDVisualPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr<Road2d> Road2dPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<Scene> ScenePtr
typedef std::shared_ptr<SelectionObj> SelectionObjPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr<SonarVisual> SonarVisualPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<UserCamera> UserCameraPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr<Visual> VisualPtr
typedef std::weak_ptr<Visual> VisualWeakPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<WideAngleCamera> WideAngleCameraPtr
typedef boost::shared_ptr<WindowManager> WindowManagerPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr<WrenchVisual> WrenchVisualPtr

Enumeration Type Documentation

Frame of reference.


Local frame.


Parent frame.


World frame.

Type of render operation for a drawable.


A list of points, 1 vertex per point.


A list of lines, 2 vertices per line.


A strip of connected lines, 1 vertex per line plus 1 start vertex.


A list of triangles, 3 vertices per triangle.


A strip of triangles, 3 vertices for the first triangle, and 1 per triangle after that.


A fan of triangles, 3 vertices for the first triangle, and 1 per triangle after that.