Agile Robotics for Industrial Automation Competition

General information

This landing page is targeted toward participants of the Agile Robotics for Industrial Automation Competition (ARIAC). Contained here is general information about ARIAC, and links to important resources.

The object of ARIAC is to deliver robot agility performance metrics, information models, test methods and protocols, validated using a combined virtual and real testing environment, that will enable manufacturers to easily and rapidly reconfigure and re-task robot systems in assembly operations.

ARIAC will take place in June 2017. See below for imoportant information on qualifying for the competition.

Gazebo will provide the simulation infrastructure. A custom set of models, plugins and scripts will be used to simulate an industrial setting with a robot arm and dynamic objects.


ARIAC is proud to announce that registration is now OPEN! The registration form can be found here.

Qualification time is almost here. To compete in ARIAC 2017, each team must complete at least 1 of the 3 qualifiers. Each qualifier will be increasingly difficult, with the first designed to primarily ensure that teams can install and control a robot in a representative manufacturing environment.

The first qualifier will be posted on Jan. 27th 2017, at which point teams will have 4 weeks to submit their control solution. Each subsequent qualifier will be posted shortly after the end of submissions for the prior qualifier. The competition itself will be held at the beginning of June 2017. We encourage you to complete all three qualifiers, even though only one is required. The second and third qualifiers will better prepare you for the challenges presented in the competition.

Teams must register before they can qualify. Each qualifier will be available for 4 weeks after its initial posting.


Qualifying Competitions

To qualify to enter the competition in June 2017, you first need to demonstrate your team's potential by completing at least one qualifying task. The first qualifier will be released in January 2017, with additional qualifiers to be released at set intervals leading up to the competition in June 2017. The qualifiers will increase in complexity and difficulty over time, moving competitors toward the challenge of the full competition.

How a qualifier works: You participate in a qualifier remotely, using your own computer. We will provide instructions for how to download and install a particular version of the ARIAC software. We highly recommend using a computer that runs ROS Indigo on 64-bit Ubuntu Trusty (14.04); while other platforms may work, we are only officially supporting ARIAC for Indigo on 64-bit Trusty. We further recommend using an NVIDIA GPU with NVIDIA's drivers, for the best experience running Gazebo. You'll use our software together with your own code to complete a specified task, and then upload evidence of your work (e.g., data logs). We will accept uploads for approximately 1 month following the release of a new qualifier.


The code needed to participate in ARIAC is available at

Installation and usage guides

The tutorials available from the following links provide detailed instructions for installation and usage of Gazebo's ARIAC simulation environment.

Sources of support

We strive to provide responsive and high-quality support for our software. Please refer to the following list of our support resources to find the right avenue for help and information.

  1. Wiki: Tutorials, documentation, and other useful information.
  2. Questions and answers: A community-supported forum for posting questions and answers.
  3. Issue tracker: A resource to submit and follow feature requests, bugs, and enhancements.
  4. Mailing list: A mailing list used for general discussion and questions about Gazebo and simulation.