Debian, Fedora, Arch or Gentoo

Install Gazebo on Linux distributions (non Ubuntu)

Gazebo is available to install on other Linux distributions different than Ubuntu (Ubuntu install instructions are hosted in a different tutorial). Linux distributions providing gazebo packages: Debian, Fedora, Arch and Gentoo.


Gazebo in Debian is available as an official package in Debian Sid (the Gazebo team is the official maintainer in Debian) which usually hosts the latest gazebo release.

  1. Install Gazebo8

    sudo apt-get install gazebo8
    # For developers that works on top of Gazebo, one extra package
    sudo apt-get install libgazebo8-dev


Gazebo in Fedora is available as an official package (the maintainer is Rich Mattes). Depending on the Fedora version, the version of Gazebo available is different:

  • Rawhide is usually hosting one of the latest releases
  • Fedora 30: gazebo-9.x
  • Fedora 29: gazebo-8.x
  1. Install Gazebo sudo dnf install gazebo gazebo-ode # For developers that works on top of Gazebo, one extra package sudo dnf install gazebo-devel


Gazebo in Arch is currently in the AUR: Arch User Repository (racko is the maintainer). This means that it is not in the official package repositories and users need to compile it from source. The easiest way to install it is to use an AUR helper, such as yaourt or packer:

  1. Install Gazebo

    yaourt -S gazebo
    # or 
    sudo packer -S gazebo


Gazebo in Gentoo is available as an official package (the maintainer is Alexis Ballier). It is currently masked as ~amd64 so please read about how to mix software branches if you are using stable.

Some use flags are available to customize the package, use equery (from gentoolkit) to know more about the optional support:

  emerge --ask app-portage/gentoolkit
  equery uses gazebo -a
  1. Install Gazebo on stable branch

    echo "sci-electronics/gazebo" >> /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords
    emerge gazebo
  2. Install Gazebo on testing branch

    emerge gazebo

Other linux distributions?

If you know of any other Linux distribution supporting Gazebo installation, feel free to create an issue to expand this tutorial.