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 NignitionForward declarations for the common classes
 CAnimationManages an animation, which is a collection of keyframes and the ability to interpolate between the keyframes
 CAudioDecoderAn audio decoder based on FFMPEG
 CBatteryA battery abstraction
 CBVHLoaderHandles loading BVH animation files
 CColladaExporterClass used to export Collada mesh files
 CColladaLightThis struct contains light data specifically for collada export Defaults set based on collada 1.4 specifications
 CColladaLoaderClass used to load Collada mesh files
 CConnectionA class that encapsulates a connection
 CConsoleContainer for loggers, and global logging options (such as verbose vs. quiet output)
 CDirIterA class for iterating over all items in a directory
 CEventBase class for all events
 CEventTA class for event processing
 CFileLoggerA logger that outputs messages to a file
 CBufferString buffer for the file logger
 CFlagSetSet of flags defined by a C++11 enum class
 CGTSMeshUtilsCreates GTS utilities for meshes
 CHeightmapDataEncapsulates a generic heightmap data file
 CHWEncoderRepresentation of a GPU video encoder and its configuration
 CImageEncapsulates an image
 CImageHeightmapEncapsulates an image that will be interpreted as a heightmap
 CIsEnumThatContainsSentinel< T, decltype(static_cast< void >(T::_))>
 CKeyEventGeneric description of a keyboard event
 CKeyFrameA key frame in an animation
 CLoggerTerminal logger
 CBufferString buffer for the base logger
 CMaterialEncapsulates description of a material
 CMaterialDensityEncapsulates density types
 CMeshA 3D mesh
 CMeshCSGCreates CSG meshes
 CMeshExporterBase class for exporting meshes
 CMeshLoaderBase class for loading meshes
 CMeshManagerMaintains and manages all meshes
 CMouseEventGeneric description of a mouse event
 CMovingWindowFilterBase class for MovingWindowFilter
 CNodeAnimationNode animation
 CNodeAssignmentVertex to node weighted assignement for skeleton animation visualization
 CNodeTransformA transformation node
 CNumericAnimationA numeric animation
 CNumericKeyFrameA keyframe for a NumericAnimation
 COBJLoaderClass used to load obj mesh files
 CPbrThis class contains Physically-Based-Rendering (PBR) workflow properties
 CPluginInfoHolds info required to construct a plugin
 CPluginLoaderClass for loading plugins
 CPoseAnimationA pose animation
 CPoseKeyFrameA keyframe for a PoseAnimation
 CProfilerUsed to perform application-wide performance profiling
 CScopedProfileUsed to provide C++ RAII-style profiling sample. The sample will start on the construction of the ScopedProfile object and stop when the object leaves scope
 CSignalHandlerRegister callbacks that get triggered on SIGINT and SIGTERM
 CSingletonTSingleton template class
 CSkeletonA skeleton, usually used for animation purposes
 CSkeletonAnimationSkeleton animation
 CSkeletonNodeA skeleton node
 CSpecializedPlugin< SpecInterface >This class allows Plugin instances to have high-speed access to interfaces that can be anticipated at compile time. The plugin does not have to actually offer the specialized interface in order to get this performance improvement. This template is variadic, so it can support arbitrarily many interfaces
 CSTLLoaderClass used to load STL mesh files
 CSubMeshA child mesh
 CSVGCommandSVG command data structure
 CSVGLoaderA loader for SVG files
 CSVGPathAn SVG path element data structure
 CSystemPathsFunctions to handle getting system paths, keeps track of:
 CTempDirectoryCreate a temporary directory in the OS temp location. Upon construction, the current working directory will be set to this new temporary directory. Upon destruction, the current working directory will be restored to the location when the TempDirectory object was constructed
 CTemplatePluginPtrThis class manages the lifecycle of a plugin instance. It can receive a plugin instance from the PluginLoader class or by copy-construction or assignment from another PluginPtr instance
 CTimeA Time class, can be used to hold wall- or sim-time. stored as sec and nano-sec
 CTimerA timer class, used to time things in real world walltime
 CTrajectoryInfoInformation about a trajectory for an animation (e.g., Actor) This contains the keyframe information
 CURIA complete URI which has the following components:
 CURIFragmentThe fragment component of a URI
 CURIPathA URI path contains a sequence of segments separated by /. The path may be empty in a valid URI. When an authority is present, the path must start with a /
 CURIQueryThe query component of a URI
 CUuidA portable class for representing a Universally Unique Identifier
 CVideoHandle video encoding and decoding using libavcodec
 CVideoEncoderSupports encoding a series of images to a video format, and then writing the video to disk
 CWorkerPoolA pool of worker threads that do stuff in parallel
 NstdSTL namespace
 Chash< FlagSet< T, LastElement, ExcludeLast > >