Ignition Gazebo

API Reference

Util.hh File Reference
#include <string>
#include <ignition/math/Pose3.hh>
#include "ignition/gazebo/config.hh"
#include "ignition/gazebo/Entity.hh"
#include "ignition/gazebo/EntityComponentManager.hh"
#include "ignition/gazebo/Export.hh"
#include "ignition/gazebo/Types.hh"

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 This library is part of the Ignition Robotics project.
 Gazebo is a leading open source robotics simulator, that provides high fidelity physics, rendering, and sensor simulation.


std::string asFullPath (const std::string &_uri, const std::string &_filePath)
 Combine a URI and a file path into a full path. If the URI is already a full path or contains a scheme, it won't be modified. If the URI is a relative path, the file path will be prepended. More...
std::string removeParentScope (const std::string &_name, const std::string &_delim)
 Helper function to remove a parent scope from a given name. This removes the first name found before the delimiter. More...
std::string scopedName (const Entity &_entity, const EntityComponentManager &_ecm, const std::string &_delim="/", bool _includePrefix=true)
 Helper function to generate scoped name for an entity. More...
math::Pose3d worldPose (const Entity &_entity, const EntityComponentManager &_ecm)
 Helper function to compute world pose of an entity. More...