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ignition::gazebo::systems::physics_system Namespace Reference


class  CanonicalLinkModelTracker
 Helper class that keeps track of which models have a particular canonical link. This is useful in the physics system for updating model poses - if a canonical link moved in the most recent physics step, then all of the models that have this canonical link should be updated. It's important to preserve topological ordering of the models in case there's a nested model that shares the same canonical link (in a case like this, the parent model pose needs to be updated before updating the child model pose - see the documentation that explains how model pose updates are calculated in PhysicsPrivate::UpdateSim to understand why nested model poses need to be updated in topological order). More...
class  EntityFeatureMap


template<template< typename, typename > class PhysicsEntityT, typename RequiredFeatureList , typename... OptionalFeatureLists>
using EntityFeatureMap3d = EntityFeatureMap< PhysicsEntityT, physics::FeaturePolicy3d, RequiredFeatureList, OptionalFeatureLists... >
 Convenience template that presets EntityFeatureMap with FeaturePolicy3d. More...

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using EntityFeatureMap3d = EntityFeatureMap<PhysicsEntityT, physics::FeaturePolicy3d, RequiredFeatureList, OptionalFeatureLists...>

Convenience template that presets EntityFeatureMap with FeaturePolicy3d.