Ignition Gazebo

API Reference

Test fixture

Ignition Gazebo can be used to run scripted simulations so that it's convenient to run automated tests for robot applications. This tutorial will go over the process of writing automated tests using Ignition Gazebo so that they can be run using Continuous Integration (CI).

Example setup

Gazebo can be used for testing using any testing library. We provide an example of how to setup some test cases using Google Test in ign-gazebo/examples/standalone/gtest_setup.

The instructions on that example's README can be followed to compile and run those tests. Also be sure to go through the source code for comments with helpful pointers on how to setup tests.

Test Fixture

The example above uses the ignition::gazebo::TestFixture class, which provides a convenient API to start a simulation and step through it while checking that entities in simulation are acting as expected. See that class' documentation for more information.