Ignition Gazebo

API Reference

Events.hh File Reference
#include <sdf/Element.hh>
#include <ignition/common/Event.hh>
#include "ignition/gazebo/config.hh"
#include "ignition/gazebo/Entity.hh"

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 This library is part of the Ignition Robotics project.
 Gazebo is a leading open source robotics simulator, that provides high fidelity physics, rendering, and sensor simulation.
 Namespace for all events. Refer to the EventManager class for more information about events.


using LoadPlugins = common::EventT< void(Entity, sdf::ElementPtr), struct LoadPluginsTag >
 Event used to load plugins for an entity into simulation. Pass in the entity which will own the plugins, and an SDF element for the entity, which may contain multiple <plugin> tags. More...
using Pause = ignition::common::EventT< void(bool), struct PauseTag >
 The pause event can be used to pause or unpause simulation. Emit a value of true to pause simulation, and emit a value of false to unpause simulation. More...
using Stop = ignition::common::EventT< void(void), struct StopTag >
 The stop event can be used to terminate simulation. Emit this signal to terminate an active simulation. More...