Ignition Gui

API Reference

Command Line

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If you have Ignition Tools installed, you can use the ign gui command line tool:

ign gui -h

Ignition GUI tool.

  ign gui [options]


  -l [ --list ]              List all available plugins.

  -s [ --standalone ] arg    Run a plugin as a standalone window.
                             Give the plugin filename as an argument.

  -c [ --config ] arg        Open the main window with a configuration file.
                             Give the configuration file path as an argument.

  -t [ --style ] arg         Apply a stylesheet to the whole application.
                             Give a QSS file path as an argument.

  -v [ --verbose ] [arg]     Adjust the level of console output (0~4).
                             If no argument is provided, the level is set to 4.

  -h [ --help ]              Print this help message.

  --force-version <VERSION>  Use a specific library version.

  --versions                 Show the available versions.