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It's possible to define the layout of various plugins loaded to the main window by adding a <window> element to the config file. The child elements are:

  • <position_x>: v0 Horizontal position of window's top-left corner in pixels.
  • <position_y>: v0 Vertical position of window's top-left corner in pixels.
  • <width>: Window's width in pixels
  • <height>: Window's height in pixels
  • <state>: v0 The state of the widow's docks and tabs, described as a Base64 encoded QByteArray. More information here.
  • <menus>: v0 Configure menu options
    • <drawer>: Side drawer configuration.
      • visible: Set to false to hide the drawer and the button to trigger it.
    • <plugins>: Plugins menu configuration.
      • visible: Set to false to hide the plugins menu and the button to trigger it.
      • from_paths: Set to false to prevent filling the menu with all plugins found on the paths. In that case, if no plugins are given with <show> elements, the plugins menu will be empty.
      • <show>: Add a show element for each plugin which should be shown on the menu. If from_paths is true, all plugins will be shown anyway, so adding <show> has no effect. For the plugin to be shown, it must be on the path.

Example layout

Try an example layout:

ign gui -c examples/config/layout.config

Compare it to the same plugins loaded without a layout:

ign gui -c examples/config/no_layout.config

Create a new layout

You can start from an empty window and insert plugins, or from an existing config file. For example:

  1. Open a config file loading several plugins, but without window configurations, for example:
     ign gui -c examples/config/no_layout.config
  1. Drag the widgets as you wish.
  1. Click on File->Save configuration as and save on a new file.

    > You can also click on File -> Save configuration to save that as the default configuration which is loaded whenever Ignition GUI is opened without a config file.

  1. Close the window, then load the new config file:
     ign gui -c <path to saved file>

You can also load the new config file from File->Load configuration.