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This tutorial applies to ignition-gui0


Ignition GUI comes with a reference style based on material design.

There are different ways to use custom QSS stylesheets:

Using cmake

Take a look at the style_cmake example to see how downstream projects can load their own style by setting it in cmake.

Command line

You can pass a stylesheet file on the command line with the -t option. Try:

ign gui -s Publisher -t examples/standalone/style_cmake/style.qss

Note: when loading a config file which has a stylesheet, this option will not override it.

Through the GUI

At any time from the main window, you can choose File -> Load stylesheet and choose a QSS file on the fly.

Config files

You can embed your stylesheet inside the <window><stylesheet> tag inside your configuration file. See an example:

ign gui -c examples/config/stylesheet.config

Note: When saving the configuration file through the GUI, the current stylesheet will be saved as well.