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 NeventsNamespace for all events
 CDropdownMenuEnabledEvent which is called to enable or disable the dropdown menu. This is primarily used by plugins which also use the right click mouse event to cancel any actions currently in progress
 CHoverToSceneEvent which is called to broadcast the 3D coordinates of a user's mouse hover within the scene
 CLeftClickToSceneEvent which is called to broadcast the 3D coordinates of a user's left click within the scene
 CRenderEvent called in the render thread of a 3D scene. It's safe to make rendering calls in this event's callback
 CRightClickToSceneEvent which is called to broadcast the 3D coordinates of a user's right click within the scene
 CSnapIntervalsThe class for sending and receiving custom snap value events. This event is used in the Transform Control plugin tool when the user manually alters their snapping values
 CSpawnFromDescriptionEvent called to spawn a resource, given its description as a string
 CSpawnFromPathEvent called to spawn a resource, which takes the path to its file
 CGrid3DManages grids in an Ignition Rendering scene. This plugin can be used for:
 CIgnRendererIgn-rendering renderer. All ign-rendering calls should be performed inside this class as it makes sure that opengl calls in the underlying render engine do not interfere with QtQuick's opengl render operations. The main Render function will render to an offscreen texture and notify via signal and slots when it's ready to be displayed
 CImageDisplayDisplay images coming through an Ignition transport topic
 CPublisherWidget which publishes a custom Ignition transport message
 CRenderThreadRendering thread
 CRenderWindowItemA QQUickItem that manages the render window
 CScene3DCreates a new ignition rendering scene or adds a user-camera to an existing scene. It is possible to orbit the camera around the scene with the mouse. Use other plugins to manage objects in the scene
 CTextureNodeTexture node for displaying the render texture from ign-renderer
 CTopicEchoEcho messages coming through an Ignition transport topic
 CTopicViewerPlugin to view the topics and their msgs & fields Field's informations can be passed by dragging them via the UI
 CTransportPlottingPlots fields from Ignition Transport topics. Fields can be dragged from the Topic Viewer or the Component Inspector
 CWorldControlThis plugin provides a world control panel which may have a play / pause and step buttons
 CWorldStatsThis plugin provides a time panel which may:
 CApplicationAn Ignition GUI application loads a QML engine and provides an API to load plugins and configuration files. The application supports either running a single main window or several plugins as standalone dialogs
 CDialogGui plugin
 CDragDropModelCustomized item model so that we can pass along an URI query as MIME information during a drag-drop
 CKeyPublisherPublish keyboard stokes to "keyboard/keypress" topic
 CMainWindowThe main window class creates a QQuickWindow and acts as an interface which provides properties and functions which can be called from MainWindow.qml
 CPlotDataPlot Data containter to hold value and registered charts Can be a Field or a PlotComponent Used by PlottingInterface and Gazebo Plotting
 CPlottingInterfacePlotting Interface Responsible for plotting transport msgs-fields Used by TransportPlotting Plugin & GazeboPlotting Plugin Accepts dragged items from TopicViewer Plugin & ComponentInspector Plugin
 CPluginBase class for Ignition GUI plugins
 CSearchModelCustomize the proxy model to display search results
 CTopicPlotting Topic to handle published topics & their registered fields
 CTransportHandle transport topics subscribing for one object (Chart)
 CWindowConfigHolds configurations related to a MainWindow