Ignition Math

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Inertial.hh File Reference
#include <ignition/math/config.hh>
#include "ignition/math/MassMatrix3.hh"
#include "ignition/math/Pose3.hh"

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class  Inertial< T >
 The Inertial object provides a representation for the mass and inertia matrix of a body B. The components of the inertia matrix are expressed in what we call the "inertial" frame Bi of the body, i.e. the frame in which these inertia components are measured. The inertial frame Bi must be located at the center of mass of the body, but not necessarily aligned with the body’s frame. In addition, this class allows users to specify a frame F for these inertial properties by specifying the pose X_FBi of the inertial frame Bi in the inertial object frame F. More...


 Math classes and function useful in robot applications.


typedef Inertial< double > Inertiald
typedef Inertial< float > Inertialf