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Inertial< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Inertial< T >, including all inherited members.

Inertial()Inertial< T >inline
Inertial(const MassMatrix3< T > &_massMatrix, const Pose3< T > &_pose)Inertial< T >inline
Inertial(const Inertial< T > &_inertial)Inertial< T >inline
MassMatrix() constInertial< T >inline
MOI() constInertial< T >inline
Moi() constInertial< T >inline
operator!=(const Inertial< T > &_inertial) constInertial< T >inline
operator+(const Inertial< T > &_inertial) constInertial< T >inline
operator+=(const Inertial< T > &_inertial)Inertial< T >inline
operator=(const Inertial< T > &_inertial)Inertial< T >inline
operator==(const Inertial< T > &_inertial) constInertial< T >inline
Pose() constInertial< T >inline
SetInertialRotation(const Quaternion< T > &_q)Inertial< T >inline
SetMassMatrix(const MassMatrix3< T > &_m, const T _tolerance=IGN_MASSMATRIX3_DEFAULT_TOLERANCE< T >)Inertial< T >inline
SetMassMatrixRotation(const Quaternion< T > &_q, const T _tol=1e-6)Inertial< T >inline
SetPose(const Pose3< T > &_pose)Inertial< T >inline
~Inertial()Inertial< T >inlinevirtual