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Matrix4< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Matrix4< T >, including all inherited members.

Axis(const Vector3< T > &_axis, T _angle)Matrix4< T >inline
Determinant() constMatrix4< T >inline
Equal(const Matrix4 &_m, const T &_tol) constMatrix4< T >inline
EulerRotation(bool _firstSolution) constMatrix4< T >inline
IdentityMatrix4< T >static
Inverse() constMatrix4< T >inline
IsAffine() constMatrix4< T >inline
LookAt(const Vector3< T > &_eye, const Vector3< T > &_target, const Vector3< T > &_up=Vector3< T >::UnitZ)Matrix4< T >inlinestatic
Matrix4()Matrix4< T >inline
Matrix4(const Matrix4< T > &_m)Matrix4< T >inline
Matrix4(T _v00, T _v01, T _v02, T _v03, T _v10, T _v11, T _v12, T _v13, T _v20, T _v21, T _v22, T _v23, T _v30, T _v31, T _v32, T _v33)Matrix4< T >inline
Matrix4(const Quaternion< T > &_q)Matrix4< T >inlineexplicit
Matrix4(const Pose3< T > &_pose)Matrix4< T >inlineexplicit
operator!=(const Matrix4< T > &_m) constMatrix4< T >inline
operator()(const size_t _row, const size_t _col) constMatrix4< T >inline
operator()(const size_t _row, const size_t _col)Matrix4< T >inline
operator*(const Matrix4< T > &_m2) constMatrix4< T >inline
operator*(const Vector3< T > &_vec) constMatrix4< T >inline
operator*=(const Matrix4< T > &_m2)Matrix4< T >inline
operator<<(std::ostream &_out, const Matrix4< T > &_m)Matrix4< T >friend
operator=(const Matrix4< T > &_mat)Matrix4< T >inline
operator=(const Matrix3< T > &_mat)Matrix4< T >inline
operator==(const Matrix4< T > &_m) constMatrix4< T >inline
operator>>(std::istream &_in, Matrix4< T > &_m)Matrix4< T >friend
Pose() constMatrix4< T >inline
Rotation() constMatrix4< T >inline
Scale() constMatrix4< T >inline
Scale(const Vector3< T > &_s)Matrix4< T >inline
Scale(T _x, T _y, T _z)Matrix4< T >inline
Set(T _v00, T _v01, T _v02, T _v03, T _v10, T _v11, T _v12, T _v13, T _v20, T _v21, T _v22, T _v23, T _v30, T _v31, T _v32, T _v33)Matrix4< T >inline
SetTranslation(const Vector3< T > &_t)Matrix4< T >inline
SetTranslation(T _x, T _y, T _z)Matrix4< T >inline
TransformAffine(const Vector3< T > &_v) constMatrix4< T >inline
TransformAffine(const Vector3< T > &_v, Vector3< T > &_result) constMatrix4< T >inline
Translate(const Vector3< T > &_t)Matrix4< T >inline
Translate(T _x, T _y, T _z)Matrix4< T >inline
Translation() constMatrix4< T >inline
Transpose()Matrix4< T >inline
Transposed() constMatrix4< T >inline
ZeroMatrix4< T >static
~Matrix4()Matrix4< T >inlinevirtual