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Plane< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Plane< T >, including all inherited members.

BOTH_SIDE enum valuePlane< T >
Distance(const Vector3< T > &_point) constPlane< T >inline
Distance(const Vector3< T > &_origin, const Vector3< T > &_dir) constPlane< T >inline
Intersection(const Vector3< T > &_point, const Vector3< T > &_gradient, const double &_tolerance=1e-6) constPlane< T >inline
NEGATIVE_SIDE enum valuePlane< T >
NO_SIDE enum valuePlane< T >
Normal() constPlane< T >inline
Normal()Plane< T >inline
Offset() constPlane< T >inline
operator=(const Plane< T > &_p)Plane< T >inline
Plane()Plane< T >inline
Plane(const Vector3< T > &_normal, T _offset=0.0)Plane< T >inline
Plane(const Vector3< T > &_normal, const Vector2< T > &_size, T _offset)Plane< T >inline
Plane(const Plane &_plane)Plane< T >inline
PlaneSide enum namePlane< T >
POSITIVE_SIDE enum valuePlane< T >
Set(const Vector3< T > &_normal, T _offset)Plane< T >inline
Set(const Vector3< T > &_normal, const Vector2< T > &_size, T _offset)Plane< T >inline
Side(const Vector3< T > &_point) constPlane< T >inline
Side(const math::AxisAlignedBox &_box) constPlane< T >inline
Size() constPlane< T >inline
Size()Plane< T >inline
~Plane()Plane< T >inlinevirtual