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Pose3< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Pose3< T >, including all inherited members.

CoordPoseSolve(const Pose3< T > &_b) constPose3< T >inline
CoordPositionAdd(const Vector3< T > &_pos) constPose3< T >inline
CoordPositionAdd(const Pose3< T > &_pose) constPose3< T >inline
CoordPositionSub(const Pose3< T > &_pose) constPose3< T >inline
CoordRotationAdd(const Quaternion< T > &_rot) constPose3< T >inline
CoordRotationSub(const Quaternion< T > &_rot) constPose3< T >inline
Correct()Pose3< T >inline
Inverse() constPose3< T >inline
IsFinite() constPose3< T >inline
operator!=(const Pose3< T > &_pose) constPose3< T >inline
operator*(const Pose3< T > &_pose) constPose3< T >inline
operator*=(const Pose3< T > &_pose)Pose3< T >inline
operator+(const Pose3< T > &_pose) constPose3< T >inline
operator+=(const Pose3< T > &_pose)Pose3< T >inline
operator-() constPose3< T >inline
operator-(const Pose3< T > &_pose) constPose3< T >inline
operator-=(const Pose3< T > &_pose)Pose3< T >inline
operator<<(std::ostream &_out, const Pose3< T > &_pose)Pose3< T >friend
operator=(const Pose3< T > &_pose)Pose3< T >inline
operator==(const Pose3< T > &_pose) constPose3< T >inline
operator>>(std::istream &_in, Pose3< T > &_pose)Pose3< T >friend
Pitch() constPose3< T >inline
Pos() constPose3< T >inline
Pos()Pose3< T >inline
Pose3()Pose3< T >inline
Pose3(const Vector3< T > &_pos, const Quaternion< T > &_rot)Pose3< T >inline
Pose3(T _x, T _y, T _z, T _roll, T _pitch, T _yaw)Pose3< T >inline
Pose3(T _x, T _y, T _z, T _qw, T _qx, T _qy, T _qz)Pose3< T >inline
Pose3(const Pose3< T > &_pose)Pose3< T >inline
Reset()Pose3< T >inline
Roll() constPose3< T >inline
Rot() constPose3< T >inline
Rot()Pose3< T >inline
RotatePositionAboutOrigin(const Quaternion< T > &_q) constPose3< T >inline
Round(int _precision)Pose3< T >inline
Set(const Vector3< T > &_pos, const Quaternion< T > &_rot)Pose3< T >inline
Set(const Vector3< T > &_pos, const Vector3< T > &_rpy)Pose3< T >inline
Set(T _x, T _y, T _z, T _roll, T _pitch, T _yaw)Pose3< T >inline
SetX(T x)Pose3< T >inline
SetY(T y)Pose3< T >inline
SetZ(T z)Pose3< T >inline
X() constPose3< T >inline
Y() constPose3< T >inline
Yaw() constPose3< T >inline
Z() constPose3< T >inline
ZeroPose3< T >static
~Pose3()Pose3< T >inlinevirtual