Ignition Physics

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AttachBoxShapeFeature::Link< PolicyT, FeaturesT > Class Template Reference

#include <BoxShape.hh>

Public Types

using Dimensions = typename FromPolicy< PolicyT >::template Use< LinearVector >
using PoseType = typename FromPolicy< PolicyT >::template Use< Pose >
using ShapePtrType = BoxShapePtr< PolicyT, FeaturesT >
- Public Types inherited from Entity< PolicyT, FeaturesT >
using Features = FeaturesT
using Pimpl = typename detail::DeterminePlugin< Policy, Features >::type
using Policy = PolicyT

Public Member Functions

ShapePtrType AttachBoxShape (const std::string &_name="box", const Dimensions &_size=Dimensions::Constant(1.0), const PoseType &_pose=PoseType::Identity())
 Rigidly attach a BoxShape to this link. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Entity< PolicyT, FeaturesT >
virtual ~Entity ()=default
 Virtual destructor. More...
std::size_t EntityID () const
 Get the unique ID value of this Entity. More...
const std::shared_ptr< void > & EntityReference () const
 Get a reference-counting std::shared_ptr to the object inside the implementation that this object provides an abstraction for. More...
const Identity & FullIdentity () const
 Get the Identity object of this Entity. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Entity< PolicyT, FeaturesT >
 Entity (const std::shared_ptr< Pimpl > &_pimpl=nullptr, const Identity &_identity=Identity())
 Constructor for the Entity. More...
 Entity (std::shared_ptr< Pimpl > &&_pimpl, const Identity &_identity)
 Constructor that allows the pimpl to be moved instead of copied. More...
template<typename FeatureT >
FeatureT::template Implementation< PolicyT > * Interface ()
 Get a pointer to the implementation of FeatureT. More...
template<typename FeatureT >
const FeatureT::template Implementation< PolicyT > * Interface () const
 Same as Interface(), but const-qualified so that const entities can request const-qualified interfaces from the implementation. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Entity< PolicyT, FeaturesT >
Identity identity
 This field contains information to identify the entity. More...
std::shared_ptr< Pimplpimpl
 This is a pointer to the physics engine implementation, and it can be used by the object features to find the interfaces that they need in order to function. More...

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Dimensions

using Dimensions = typename FromPolicy<PolicyT>::template Use<LinearVector>

◆ PoseType

using PoseType = typename FromPolicy<PolicyT>::template Use<Pose>

◆ ShapePtrType

using ShapePtrType = BoxShapePtr<PolicyT, FeaturesT>

Member Function Documentation

◆ AttachBoxShape()

ShapePtrType AttachBoxShape ( const std::string _name = "box",
const Dimensions _size = Dimensions::Constant(1.0),
const PoseType _pose = PoseType::Identity() 

Rigidly attach a BoxShape to this link.

[in]_sizeThe size of the BoxShape's dimensions.
[in]_poseThe desired pose of the BoxShape relative to the Link frame.
a reference to the newly constructed BoxShape

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