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 CInfoHolds info required to construct a plugin
 CEnablePluginFromThisEnablePluginFromThis is an optional base class which can be inherited by Plugin classes. When a Plugin class inherits it and that Plugin class is instantiated using the Loader class, its instance will be able to access the PluginPtr that manages its lifecycle. This interface will also be available by calling instance->QueryInterface<EnablePluginFromThis>()
 CFactoryThe Factory class defines a plugin factory that can be used by the Loader class to produce products that implement an interface
 CLoaderClass for loading plugins
 CProductDeleterThis class provides a unary operator for safely deleting pointers to plugin factory products with the type Interface. If it gets passed an Interface pointer that is not pointing to a factory plugin product, then this just performs a normal delete
 CSpecializedPlugin< SpecInterface >This class allows Plugin instances to have high-speed access to interfaces that can be anticipated at compile time. The plugin does not have to actually offer the specialized interface in order to get this performance improvement. This template is variadic, so it can support arbitrarily many interfaces
 CTemplatePluginPtrThis class manages the lifecycle of a plugin instance. It can receive a plugin instance from the Loader class or by copy-construction or assignment from another PluginPtr instance
 CWeakPluginPtrWeakPluginPtr is a non-reference-holding smart pointer for a Plugin. WeakPluginPtr is analogous to std::weak_ptr where PluginPtr is analogous to std::shared_ptr