Ignition Sensors

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 NsensorsSensors namespace
 CAirPressureSensorAirPressure Sensor Class
 CAltimeterSensorAltimeter Sensor Class
 CCameraSensorCamera Sensor Class
 CDepthCameraSensorDepth camera sensor class
 CForceTorqueSensorForce Torque Sensor Class
 CGaussianNoiseModelGaussian noise class
 CGpuLidarSensorGpuLidar Sensor Class
 CImageGaussianNoiseModelGaussian noise class for image sensors
 CImuSensorImu Sensor Class
 CLidarLidar Sensor Class
 CLogicalCameraSensorLogical Camera Sensor Class
 CMagnetometerSensorMagnetometer Sensor Class
 CManagerLoads and runs sensors
 CNoiseNoise models for sensor output signals
 CNoiseFactoryUse this noise manager for creating and loading noise models
 CRenderingSensorRendering sensor class
 CRgbdCameraSensorRGBD camera sensor class
 CSegmentationCameraSensorSegmentation camera sensor class
 CSensorBase sensor class
 CSensorFactoryA factory class for creating sensors This class instantiates sensor objects based on the sensor type and makes sure they're initialized correctly
 CSensorPluginBase sensor plugin interface
 CSensorTypePluginTemplated class for instantiating sensors of the specified type
 CThermalCameraSensorThermal camera sensor class