Ignition Transport

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What is Ignition Transport?

Ignition Transport is an open source communication library that allows sharing data between clients. In our context, a client is called a node. Nodes might be running within the same process on the same machine or on separate machines located around the world. Ignition Transport is multi-platform (Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows), so all the low level details, such as data alignment or endianness, are hidden for you.

Ignition Transport uses Google Protocol buffers as the data type for communicating between nodes. Users can define their own messages using the Protobuf utils, and then exchange them between the nodes. Ignition Transport discovers, serializes and delivers messages to the destinations using a combination of custom code and ZeroMQ.

What programming language can I use with Ignition Transport?

C++ is the native implementation and so far the only way to use the library. We hope to offer different wrappers for the most popular languages in the future.