Ignition Gazebo

API Reference

Common.hh File Reference
#include <Eigen/Geometry>
#include <optional>
#include <vector>
#include <sdf/sdf.hh>
#include "ignition/gazebo/config.hh"
#include "ignition/gazebo/EntityComponentManager.hh"
#include "ignition/gazebo/Model.hh"
#include "Parameters.hh"

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struct  EigenTwist
 Struct containing linear and angular velocities. More...
struct  FrameData
 Frame data of a link including its pose and linear velocity in world frame as well as its angular velocity in body frame. More...


 This library is part of the Ignition Robotics project.
 Gazebo is a leading open source robotics simulator, that provides high fidelity physics, rendering, and sensor simulation.
 Namespace for all System plugins. Refer to the System class for more information about systems.


std::optional< Eigen::Matrix4Xd > calculateAllocationMatrix (const RotorConfiguration &_rotorConfiguration)
 Create the matrix that maps rotor velocities to thrust and moments. More...
void createFrameDataComponents (EntityComponentManager &_ecm, const Entity &_link)
 Creates components necessary for obtaining the frame data of the given link. More...
std::optional< FrameData > getFrameData (const EntityComponentManager &_ecm, const Entity &_link, const NoiseParameters &_noise)
 Retrieves the frame data of the given link and applies noise. More...
RotorConfiguration loadRotorConfiguration (const EntityComponentManager &_ecm, const sdf::ElementPtr &_sdf, const Model &_model, const Entity &_comLink)
 Loads rotor configuration from SDF. More...
Eigen::Matrix3d skewMatrixFromVector (const Eigen::Vector3d &_vector)
 Creates a skew symmetric matrix (so(3)) from a vector. This is sometimes referred to as the hat map. More...
Eigen::Vector3d vectorFromSkewMatrix (const Eigen::Matrix3d &_skewMatrix)
 Creates a vector from a skew symmetric matrix(so3). This is sometimes referred to as the vee map or inverse hat map. More...