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API Reference

CanReadExpectedData< Derived, Specification > Class Template Reference

#include <CanReadData.hh>

Public Member Functions

 CanReadExpectedData ()
template<typename CompositeType >
void ReadExpectedData (const CompositeType &_data, const ReadOptions &_options=ReadOptions())

Detailed Description

template<typename Derived, typename Specification>
class ignition::physics::CanReadExpectedData< Derived, Specification >

This class is the same as CanReadRequiredData, except it operates on all "expected" data (which is a superset of "required" data) instead of only the "required" data.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CanReadExpectedData()

The ability to compile this constructor ensures that an inherited class has functions that can read each of the data types expected by the Specification.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ReadExpectedData()

void ReadExpectedData ( const CompositeType &  _data,
const ReadOptions _options = ReadOptions() 

Call this function to read all the types in _data that are listed as expected in the Specification. Setting _options.onlyReadUnqueriedData to true will make it so that only data entries that have not been queried will be passed to the Read(~) function. If _options.onlyReadUnqueriedData is false, then all data that the Specification lists as expected will be read.

[in]_dataCompositeData instance to read from.
[in]_optionsReadOptions for customizing the read operation.

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