Ignition Rendering

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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CBoundingBox2D or 3D Bounding box. It stores the position / orientation / size info of the box and its label
 CGraphicsAPIUtilsUtils to convert GraphicsAPI to and from strings
 CHeightmapBlendBlend information to be used between textures on heightmaps
 CHeightmapDescriptorDescribes how a Heightmap should be loaded
 CHeightmapTextureTexture to be used on heightmaps
 CImageEncapsulates a raw image buffer and relevant properties
 CMap< T >Storage map from std::string to template class T
 CMap< Material >
 CMeshDescriptorDescribes how a Mesh should be loaded
 CMoveToHelperHelper class for animating a user camera to move to a target entity
 CObjectRepresents an object present in the scene graph. This includes sub-meshes, materials, render targets, as well as posable nodes
 COgreConversionsConversions Conversions.hh rendering/Conversions.hh
 COgreSelectionBufferGenerates a selection buffer object for a given camera. The selection buffer is used of entity selection. On setup, a unique color is assigned to each entity. Whenever a selection request is made, the selection buffer camera renders to a 1x1 sized offscreen buffer. The color value of that pixel gives the identity of the entity
 CPixelUtilProvides supporting functions for PixelFormat enum
 CRayQueryResultA class that stores ray query intersection results
 CRenderEngineAn abstract interface to a concrete render-engine. A RenderEngine is responsible for initializing a render-engine as well as creating, storing, and destroying scenes
 CRenderEnginePluginBase plugin class for render engines
 CRenderPassFactoryA factory interface for creating render passes
 CRenderPassSystemA class for creating and managing render passes
 CSceneManages a single scene-graph. This class updates scene-wide properties and holds the root scene node. A Scene also serves as a factory for all scene objects
 CShaderParamVariant type that holds params that can be passed to a shader
 CShaderParamsMap that holds params to be passed to a shader
 CShaderUtilProvides supporting functions for ShaderType enum
 CSingletonT< OgreRenderEngine > [external]
 CSingletonT< OgreRTShaderSystem > [external]
 CSingletonT< RenderEngineManager > [external]
 CStore< T >Multi-access storage structure of template class T. Template class T is expected to have functions GetId, GetName(), Destroy() which return unsigned int, std::string, and void respectively. This store will ensure that each element's name and ID are unique
 CStore< Geometry >
 CStore< Light >
 CStore< Node >
 CStore< Scene >
 CStore< Sensor >
 CStore< SubMesh >
 CStore< Visual >
 CTransformControllerAn transform tool for translating, rotating, and scaling objects
 CViewControllerA camera view controller