WARNING: Current Windows support is experimental.

Binary Installation on Windows 10#

Most Ignition packages are available in Windows 10 using the conda-forge package manager, and the Ignition feedstock recipes can be found here.

The remaining packages currently have an outstanding ticket, and will not be supported until they are added to the conda-forge feedstock.

Additionally, command line tools, the DART physics engine, and some tests are not currently supported in Windows.

In order to use conda-forge, you will need to

  1. Install a Conda package management system. Miniconda suffices. You will likely want to check the box to add conda to your PATH during the installation process so that you won’t have to do this step manually.

  2. Open a Windows command prompt, being sure to have conda added to your Windows PATH system environment variable (you may also need to open a new command prompt to see any PATH changes reflected).

If you did not add Conda to your PATH environment variable during Conda installation, you may need to navigate to the location of condabin in order to use the conda command. To find condabin, search for “Anaconda Prompt” in the Windows search field near the Windows button, open it, run where conda, and look for a line containing the directory condabin.

  1. Create and activate a new Conda environment:

conda create -n ign-ws
conda activate ign-ws
  1. Install desired Ignition packages, since all of Ignition isn’t currently supported, you will need to choose which package(s) you want to install based on your application.

conda install libignition-<package_name><#> --channel conda-forge

Be sure to replace <package_name> with your desired package name (ie, common, msgs, etc.) and <#> with the release version. If left unspecified, conda-forge will install the most recently stable release packages. Be sure to check the high level install instructions for corresponding version numbers.


You can view all available versions of a specific package with:

conda search libignition-<package_name>* --channel conda-forge

and view their dependencies with

conda search libignition-<package_name>* --channel conda-forge --info

and install a specific minor version with

conda install libignition-<package_name>=<major>.<minor>.<patch> --channel conda-forge

where <major> is the major release number, <minor> is the minor release number, and <patch is the patch release number.

Uninstalling binary install#

If you need to uninstall Ignition or switch to a source-based install once you have already installed the library from binaries, run the following command:

conda uninstall libignition-<package_name> --channel conda-forge


See Troubleshooting